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Angels – The Human variety and The Cherubim

Angels: Cosmic visitors not of this Earth, some that are human, some that are not, that are constructive who bring great wisdom and often help protect us against destructive events - they are often dressed in bright clothing, have the ability of flight and can appear in spirit.
Cherubim: They are the most advanced entities in the universe and if we were to define them according to our own frame of reference here on Earth, they would remind us of the dolphin. The Cherubim appear to be descendant of the dolphin lineage life design code, but evolved into ‘grand design’ in another world, in another star system in existence millions of years before ours. Although historically referred to as Cherubim, more modern accounts tend to refer to them as The Greys.
Sacred texts refer to the Cherubim as child-like entities that are not human. They have well developed acutely efficient eyes and wear what look like a dark eye protection as a contact lens of sorts that is adaptable to light.
Their black ‘eyes’ invariably give the preconceived notion of evil. Yet these beings are anything but. The notion that they are evil is as much of a misnomer, as it would be to label as evil someone wearing sunglasses.
Granted, there has been the occasional case of similar looking entities being involved in dubious practises of ‘farming’ biological material from humanity. Although the Greys that are constructive that 'harvest' human DNA, foetus, eggs and sperm, helping other life out there in the universe, there are some rare cases where Grey entities take biological material for their own interest and do so with little care for the person being abducted. Ancient texts refer to these entities as fallen angels. Thankfully for humanity they appear to be in the minority, outshone by those campaigning for the greater good of humankind.

The sign of the ‘Ankh’ represents the Cherubim

Throughout history there is evidence of the Cherubim, be they in the form of mythological fairies and gnomes, encounters with aliens and accounts of various fertility gods. What these entities seem to be concerned with the most, is the propagation and sustaining of all life forms in all gene pools throughout the universe. If they did not constantly replenish our weakening DNA with other universally common DNA from other human form lineages (and visa versa for other life out there), the human form would be so inbred and so weak and defective, that we would have probably become extinct by now.
The Cherubim watch over the Tree of Life and all life in the universe. Hence ‘life’ is the correct interpretation of the sign of the Ankh in Egyptology. The shape of the Cherubim’s head matches that of the glyph. In much the same way, it is also how the fertility gods throughout Africa are represented, as shown here.
In Southern Africa, from Zambia down to South Africa this entity is known by many names. The author, much like the well-known Shaman Credo Mutwa, has studied all accounts of this entity visiting ancient African civilisations. In South Africa it is well known as the Tokolosh.
In mythology right across the globe there are many accounts passed down by tradition. All describe a childlike entity that possesses technology described as magic.
Traditional accounts of fairies, gremlins, leprechauns, gnomes, elves, trolls, demons, the list is endless… all seem to describe the Cherubim.
As already seen in the Egyptian account of the underworld at The Tree of Life on this website and the Revelation texts that follow, these entities seem to have been in contact with some of history’s most notable people.

Who are we and where do we come from... physically ?


"Our death is not an end
if we can live on in our children
and the younger generation.
For they are us;

Our bodies are only wilted leaves
on The Tree of Life"

Albert Einstein

Source  http://oneism.org/angels.php

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